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T-Rekx Wheel Weight Pliers with Hammer

Part Number: 15120

Patented Wheel Weight Pliers can install and remove factory wheel weights without any issues.

Fully made in the USA and every part is replaceable – One Tool For Life

UPC: 682488151209


Made in the U.S.A.

This tool does it all. AND WE MEAN ALL!

One of the only wheel weight tools that actually works to remove and install all wheel weights – especially the OEM installed factory weights! From the factory installed wheel weights that are so hard to remove to all other wheel weights, T-Rekx makes the job fast and simple without scratching wheels or pinching fingers. The best part is this American made tool has totally replaceable parts. From the jaws to the plastic hammer (which is substantially thicker than all others), you can simply continue to replace the parts so that you never have to buy another one again!

  • Leverage Tool – Absolutely no force is ever required to remove weights
  • Will Not Scratch Wheels – Almost an impossible task for all other wheel weight tools
  • Won’t Pinch Fingers – All other tools can’t make this statement
  • Long Lasting Replacement Parts – Allowing you to rebuild the whole tool
  • Two Options – Buy with or without the hammer
  • Heavy Duty – And U.S.A. made

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