72 PK | Pastelub 2400 (8 oz.) - Shark Industries
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72 PK | Pastelub 2400 (8 oz.)

Part Number: 90893

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•Extreme Pressure “Patented Swiss Formula” (40% Boundary Solids)
•Superior noise dampening and lubrication compared to silicone or Teflon
•Unequaled temperature range (-70℉ to well over 2000℉)
•Not affected by salt, water, dirt, weather brake fluid or extreme heat
•Safe for elastomers, rubber and plastic components
•Lasts the entire time of the brake pads and shoes

Directions: Clean all parts to be lubricated. Apply to caliper brushings, pins/slides, rails/ears, back of pad and any other metal to metal or metal to rubber contact points. Thoroughly clean caliper pins bores to remove old grease before apply Pastelub. Excellent for use on all drum brake assemblies and parking brake cables too. Do not apply tp friction surfaces of rotors, pads or shoes. Still have questions, please call our Technical Hot Line 1 (800) 266-4497.
Warning: Do not ingest. If accidentally swallowed contact physician, although lube contains non-hazardous materials.

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