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6 PK | Ceramlub 2800 Brake Lubricant – Stop Brake Noise!

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Extreme high pressure “proprietary (35% ceramic  boundary solids) formula”.

Superior noise dampening and lubrication compared to silicone, Teflon or moly based lubricants.

Includes 6 brushes.


Ceramlub 2800 Extreme Temperature Lube, Made in USA – 6 PK. One jar is good for approx. 500 brake jobs.

O.E. Approved Brake Lubricant

Guaranteed to Stop Brake Noise!

This proprietary high solids ceramic formula eliminates costly brake noise comebacks. It properly lubricates all moving and mating parts for the entire life of the pads.  

 Approved by the biggest OEM brake parts manufacturers, Ceramlub 2800 is a brake job’s best friend.

 Most importantly, it contains no Petroleums or Silicones which break down or get contaminated with dirt and water.

• Eliminates brake squeal associated with 3/4 ton trucks when used on economy brake rotor pads.

• Ends costly comebacks!

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