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20 Pieces Top 10 Drain Plug Assortment 2 Compartments

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Part Number: 91902
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20 Pieces Top 10 Drain Plug Assortment 2 Compartmets


D8022 14mm-1.50 Long (2) Application: Acura, Honda 90009-PY3-000

D7846 14mm-1.50 Short Body (2) Application: Acura, Chrysler, Dodge, Honda, Mitsubishi, Suzuki, Toyota, Geo Metro 90009-PH1-000

D7848 14mm-1.50 VW N90288901 (2) Application: Volkswagen N90288901

D7801 14mm-1.50 Regular Point (2) Application: AMC, Chrysler, Ford, Mazda, Opel

D8027 14mm-1.50 w/Sems (2) Application: Audi, Volkswagen N90813201

D7845KA 12mm-1.50 Regular Point (2) Application: BMW, Mercedes

D7894KA 12mm-1.50 Regular Point (2) Application: BMW 11-131-250-089

D7742 18mm-1.50 Regular Point (2) Application: BMW, Chrysler Import, Peugot Diesel, Renault, Toyota

D8031 12mm-1.75 Inset Head OE GM (2) Application: Ford, GM 11562588, Isuzu, SAAB

D7815 1/2”-20 Dog Point (2) Application: AMC< Chrysler, GMC


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