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ISSE Snow Socks – Model Classic – Size 62

Part Number: C60062

Size 62. The CLASSIC version is ideal for normal use on snow and ice.

UPC: 682488600622
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ISSE Textile Snow Chains are made of a specially designed fabric that help to increase traction in icy or snowy conditions. Shaped to cover the vehicle’s tires, the fabric absorbs moisture and then drains it, increasing the friction between your vehicle and the surface below.

The CLASSIC version is ideal for normal use on snow and ice.

Set of 2 textile chains (only 1 set is needed per car; it is not recommended to use 2 sets at once – please ensure one set of tires is in direct contact with the ground for optimal traction)

Optimal for passenger cars, vans, pickups and 4x4s

For frequent or intensive use on ice and snow surfaces, allowing to alternate between asphalt and snow

Maximum driving speed: 25 mph (40 km/h)

Reusable and machine washable (air dry only)

Composition: 100% high resistant polyester

100% made in Europe

Approved by California DOT, Colorado DOT, and Washington DOT

Why choose Textile over Metal?

Quick and easy to fit (a matter of minutes)

No metal parts! Won’t damage your tires

No vibrations while driving; smoother ride

Lighter and less bulkier than metal chains; store in your car at all times, ready for when you need them

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