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Ammco Style Twin Cutter Assembly

Part Number: A6950

OEM: Ammco 906950, 6999, 910650GP, 910651GP, 906854, 906905, 9011227, 28584, 9-03142, 906977, 906901, 906923, 906907, 909879, 906908, 906906, 906929,  For use on Ammco Models 3850, 4000, 7000 or as upgrade for Model 3000* as alternative to Ammco twin cutters.  It features inch/millimeter micrometers to set the depth-of-cut for resurfacing inner and outer rotor surfaces simultaneously.


Negative Right & Left Hand Tool Holder Set with 062 Bits, Ammco Style Barrel Tool Holder (left & right hand), Set Screw for Tool Holders A10650/A10651, Locking Red Knob, Spring for Twin Cutter, Locking Nut Assembly, Brass Tool Holder Pressure Protector, Brass Plugs (fatter plugs) .281” x .25”, Plug for Twin Cutter, Dial Knob for Twin Cutter, Dial Assembly Knurled Knob, Locating Set Screw for Twin Cutter, Ammco Style Dial Rod, Threaded Plug, Spring Washer/Twin Cutter

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