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Slip-on Molded Rubber Arm Pads

Part Number: 51666

BendPak Slip-on Molded Rubber Arm Pads

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UPC: 682488516664


Slip-on Molded Rubber Arm Pads. BendPak. 5 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ x 1 1/16″. Includes: 4 pads. OEM: 5715-365, LP608. Models: MX10AC, MXACX, MX10CX, MX10C, XPR-9S, XPR-9S-LP, XPR-9DS, XPR-10S, XPR-10S-LP, XPR-10S-168, XPR-10AS, XPR-10AS-LP, XPR-10AS-168, XPR-12FDL, XPR-12CL, XPR-15CL, XPR-18CL, XPR-12CL-192, XPR-15CL-192, XPR-18CL-192, RJ6, RJ6000, RJ4500.

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