26 Pcs. 2" Assortment Surface Conditioning Rolocks With 2" Holder - Made in USA - Shark Industries
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26 Pcs. 2″ Assortment Surface Conditioning Rolocks With 2″ Holder – Made in USA

Part Number: 620TBA

Shark has complied 6 prime clamshell display packages. These kits have great 4 color packaging that will stand out on the display shelves. The 6 kits are created of several different types of mini grinding discs and Star-Brite discs.

2” Coarse Discs (12), 2” Medium Discs (10), 2” Fine Discs (1), 2” Holder (1)


Longest Life Star-Brite Surface Conditioning Material. Twist-To-Lock backing is great for quick-change and is compatible with all other brands of twist locking style holders. The Surface Conditioning Discs provide a burr-free finish while removing grinding marks, rust and surface coatings, while the professional Grinding Discs provide a fast, efficient method of grinding, blending, leveling, and finishing metal surfaces. Assembled in USA.


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