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ISSE Snow Socks – Size 70 Classic


ISSE Snow Socks – Classic, Size 70

Find your Snow Sock size with our tire size calculator:

  • Maximum Speed 25 MPH/40Km/h
  • Never Exceed Maximum!
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Unpredictable and difficult winter driving conditions can demand more traction than your vehicle’s tires deliver.

Snow Socks are fabric covers that slip over wheels to give you better traction at speeds up to 25MPH. They’re an easy-to-use alternative to tire chains – which can be expensive, difficult to mount and hard on your car.

Using innovative technology developed in Europe,Snow Socks’ strong textile surface provides instant grip on snowy and icy roads.

ISSE Snow Socks are machine washable and reusable.

Be prepared for anything. Make Snow Socks an essential part of your car’s winter survival kit.

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