We have a lot of great products at Shark, and love hearing your testimonials and stories of success using them!  Below are just some of those successes, and we’re looking to make more every day.

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17030 Plastic Tack Welder

“Our vacuum broke while I was out of town and when I return I found a little tab had broken on it so it wouldn’t stay latched! The tab is only about a 1/4″ x 3/8″ so it’s very small and glue usually never held on something like that because it needs to flex when the lid is shut! I took my plastic welder and melted in the little metal piece and it has held up great!  A great product for plastic car bumpers and snowmobile parts!”
Henry Wuollet
American Hardwood Flooring

“2010 Mercedes broken plastic interior door handle, called dealer have to buy whole door panel $650. First time out of box Shark plastic welder bought at SEMA repaired it better than new! Cost to customer $325 and were thrilled! Machine paid for itself first time I used it. I have over $800,000 in equipment and not one other tool has paid for itself in the first use.”

Fred Zobel
DuPage Auto Repair