Product Demonstrations

Shark Industries Plastic Tack Welder

This video highlights one of many uses for the plastic tack welder, a tool that can pay for itself in a single use. Delicate plastic components may cost hundreds of dollars to replace, but with the tack welder, you can repair those pieces fast, and stronger than new.

Shark Industries Surface Conditioning vs 3M Surface Conditioning

In this video you will see two tests being performed between Shark and 3M. The first test is a comparison of how well they remove paint from metal, and the second test is how well they remove rust from metal. You will see that Shark outlasts the competition.

Shark Zirconium Cut Off Wheel vs 3M Green Corps Wheel

In this video you will see how Shark’s cut-off wheel compares to 3M’s cut-off wheel. Shark’s cut-off wheel lasts longer and stronger than 3M’s Green Corps wheel, plus for an added bonus Shark’s cut-off wheel is almost half the price.

ISSE Snow Socks for Your Tires

In this video you will see how traction and control is a big part of keeping you safe on the roads in bad weather conditions. ISSE products will show you how they can help.