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Welding Catalogue

Shark Industries tries to offer to our distributors, a full welding line including welders, electrodes and accessories. Our comprehensive catalogue has a complete interchange to other Aftermarket suppliers of welding accessories; which allows one to easily cross-over our part numbers to other brands.

Our new catalogue opens with a full range of Abrasives that will fit all your welding and finishing needs. Our line of welders start from the entry level do-it-yourselfer to the semi-professional user; going from 130 to 180 Amps. Some have Spool Gun capabilities for Aluminum welding.

Our Hybrid Plastic Tack Welder comes in 2 versions (Pro-Tack Welder and Mini Pro-Tack Welder).  We offer goggles, glasses, grinding shields and respirators along with leather gloves, sateen or leather jackets for ultimate welding protection. Hats, welding screens and blankets complete the offering. Our assortment of cutting kits and cylinder carts as well as a full line of tips and nozzles for Airco, Harris, Marquette, Purox, Smith and Victor will be a great addition to your welding offering. We then offer a full line of electrodes, rod, wire, solder, wire wheels or brushes, anti-spatter spray and nozzle gel for your welding requirements.The rest of our line, consisting of electrode holders, ground clamps, chipping hammers, soapstone, chipping hammers, tip cleaners, “C” clamps, strikers, flints, magnets, wall plugs and receptacles; hose, cylinder wrenches, tank adaptors, crimping tools, splicers, connector and regulators will leave your customers satisfied that you have the answer for their complete welding needs.

Check out this brochure to see our MIG Welders and Helmets.

Shark Welding Displays

Click here for a complete listing of the items on our 2 and 4 sided displays; along with our planograms.

ISSE Brochure

Isse Snow Socks are the most revolutionary product to hit the tire chain industry in over a century.  No longer do you have to worry about venturing out on extremely snowy roads.  Isse Socks will give you the traction you need to stay on the road in extremely dangerous conditions.  The alternative traction device (ATD) is made of a polyolefin and is extremely abrasive resistant.  The Snow socks have been used in Europe for over 8 years and meet with European standards for road safety. Made to be driven at speeds not to exceed 25 miles per hour and never for use on gravel, the socks are machine washable and reusable.  They are only needed on 2 tires and go onto the tires of the drive axle.  They are much simpler to install than chains and do not require removal of the wheel.  The socks are sold in pairs and will give you traction on inclines and snowy surfaces as well as in mountainous areas.  Our 7 cover most American, Asian and European car applications.

Driving in Snow and Icy conditions not one of your favorite things to do, take a look at this brochure to see how we can help you feel safer on the road. To aid in pursuing the correct Isse Snow Sock, here is the size chart.

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